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A MEMBER is defined as one who has complied with all requirements of the Association, is actively employed as a Security Chief / Director or above of a Hotel / Casino, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, a gaming / hotel corporation with immediate responsibility for overall proprietary security functions, a non-gaming property, timeshare or shopping mall having direct impact tot he tourism industry and who is in good standing with the law and community. A MEMBER has voting authority over all Association issues and there is only one member status per hotel / casino property and corporation. (Annual Dues:  $250.00)


An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is defined as any property not qualifying as a MEMBER by definition with limited gaming operations and/or otel property covered by proprietary security functions. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS do not have voting privileges. (Annual Dues: $200.00)


ASSOCIATES are comprised of public safety and law enforcement agencies. (Annual Dues: $0)




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